3 Fresh Date Ideas for Long-Time Couples

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3 Fresh Date Ideas for Long-Time Couples

As time passes by, you get bored with just visiting your favorite diner with your special someone. You might think that the spark has died since you don’t seem to enjoy their company anymore.

All you really need, however, is some fresh ideas to get the ball rolling again, and going to new and exciting places can do the trick. Here, then, are three fresh date ideas you should try.


It might not be the most exciting activity, but it is the most relaxing. Spending quality time with your special someone in the fresh breeze and warm sun outside can be calming and good for your health. Start by finding a good park or garden to have the picnic.

Look for places that are not full of lots of people and have ample space for you to lie around. The next thing you should do is get good food perfect for a picnic. Don’t forget to set up the mood — buy portable Bluetooth speakers if you don’t have one already. It is always great to just relax with good music and good company.


Who doesn’t want to let out their inner Katniss Everdeen? Trying new ideas can definitely spice up your relationship, and archery is a way to do so. It is not every day that people get to hold a bow and arrow.

As a sport mostly seen in movies, it will get your blood pumping while letting you live your dream of becoming an archer.

Thrift Shopping

Thrift shops are a great way to get authentic second-hand clothing and unique items for a fraction of the price. The shops are usually large and have a variety of clothes and memorabilia inside. You can spend hours searching for items that catch our attention.

Keep in mind that you might try on several clothes, so ensure the clothes on your back are comfortable and easy to remove and put back on.

Dates don’t have to be the same old eat-outside, watch-a-movie, and then ride-home routine. You could spice it up a bit to keep the fire burning while ensuring you and your partner have the best day in a long time.

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