3 Surprising Myths About Baseball Still People Bel...

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3 Surprising Myths About Baseball Still People Believe

All major sports attract a host of myths, some of which are so shocking you’ll wonder where they came from. Baseball is no different. Actually, many of the common false beliefs in baseball are held by the very people who claim to love the sport the most.

Here are three statements you hear regarding baseball that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any radar gun will do

Equipment is, without a doubt, an essential component when it comes to playing any sport. The wrong equipment can significantly affect the players’ performance. What many people don’t understand regarding baseball is that every radar gun out there isn’t perfect for the game.

Different models provide different accuracy, durability, and affordability. You want a radar gun with a track record of providing top performance. One of the most reliable tools in the market is a stalker radar gun for sale from suppliers such as Radar Sports, LLC.

Aim to crow hop at top velocity

You’ve surely heard this one before. Some people claim that it matters if you crow hop at the highest velocity, no matter the figure you hit after throwing from the mound. It’s as surprising as it is untrue.

The fact is, crow hopping at 100 mph and hitting less than 80 mph from the mound is useless, especially when you consider that there are so many players that hit three digits after crow hopping at that same velocity. It’s really the throw that counts.

With practice, you should always hit 90 mph

Practice sure does make perfect, especially in baseball. That said, attaining 90 mph in baseball isn’t as easy as you may have imagined. It’s possible but extremely difficult.

How many players hit that velocity that you know of? Right, not many. So while it pays to be optimistic, you shouldn’t beat yourself if hitting that figure doesn’t happen for you.

The stuff you hear about baseball can be astounding, especially when it comes to the falsehoods. Debunking these myths is the first step toward a better understanding of the sport.

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