5 Common Web Design Mistakes

5 Common Web Design Mistakes

People working on website designMaintaining strong online presence is now every business’s business. If in the past it was enough that your brick-and-mortar shop has the utmost order and efficiency, nowadays this orderliness and efficiency should reflect on your online shop — your website.

To do this, here are common web design errors you must avoid.

1. Too much clutter

Effective website design in Worcester is synonymous with clean and functional. This means getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

In a study conducted by Burst Media, results showed that 30% of online users would immediately hit the x button on cluttered websites. To know whether yours has way too much going on, try the Five Second Test.

2. ‘Contact Us’ page in hiding

Your ‘Contact us’ page should not play hide-and-seek with visitors. This is counterintuitive and does not aid lead conversion, which is the main purpose of your online presence.

Maximize this page by including all essential information on how potential customers can reach you. Be inspired by noteworthy examples from companies like Tune, Achieve3000, and Choice Screening.

3. Missing ‘call-to-action’

If your ‘Contact us’ page tells your customers how to reach you, your ‘call-to-action’ explains to them just why. Examples of essential ‘call-to-action’ buttons include Social, Footer, Subscribe, and Animated. These buttons allow further engagement between customers and your offered products and services.

4. Zero analytics

Your website is a minefield of customer data, which you can maximize to improve how you do your online business. Failure to use this data is a waste of available resource. One phrase you must never forget and always measure is this: Key performance indicator (KPI).

5. Poor responsive design

People on the go have become more reliant on mobile devices. 57% of these mobile users would not recommend your website if their user experience was uninspiring due to poor responsive design.

Functional web design is your first step to commanding improved online presence. If your website content is worthy to be shared, most likely your products and services are worthy to be purchased as well.

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