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What Makes an Effective Explainer Video?

Explainer videos make for great content that engages your target market. Research from Hubspot reveals that 56 percent of people prefer videos. And explainer videos make for great content that engages your target market, allowing you to better introduce your products and services. The success of an explainer video relies on the quality of the […]

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The Buyer’s Journey: Making It Work for Your Business

Is your business new to inbound marketing? Have you looked for a HubSpot agency in Massachusetts to help you get started? Well, you’re on the right track. And one concept that you need to know and understand as an inbound marketer is the buyer’s journey and how to make it work for your business. Inbound marketing […]

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2 Ways Big Data is Affecting the Movie Industry

Digital transformation is now evident in all aspects of daily living. It affects food, health, education, transportation, and entertainment. Today’s audience wants entertainment at their fingertips: music, movies, videos, and series episodes they can stream or download from their mobile devices. Their attention spans and interests are also varied and fleeting. To keep producers from […]

5 Common Web Design Mistakes

Maintaining strong online presence is now every business’s business. If in the past it was enough that your brick-and-mortar shop has the utmost order and efficiency, nowadays this orderliness and efficiency should reflect on your online shop — your website. To do this, here are common web design errors you must avoid. 1. Too much […]

Marketing Automation Strategies That Will Increase Your Conversions

Marketing is the life force of any profitable business. Business competition as it currently stands has reached cutthroat levels. Marketing departments must, therefore, strive to get ways to ensure their clients see their brands more frequently. Marketing automation strategies are essential to ensure all qualified leads finish their purchase process. There are several strategies your […]