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Back to Basics: How SIP Technology Works with VoIP Technology

With its continuously strengthening power to deliver accessibility and reliability, it is easy to see why Internet telephony technology has become a top communication platform choice for many businesses. Add to this the fact that it is more cost-efficient and affordable than traditional telephony systems and you can expect Internet-based communications technology to expand even […]

These Mistakes Can Drain Your Business Coffers

Managing a business in the manufacturing industry is a challenge, and it demands more than willful spirit and motivation. Although more businesses survive the first year, 50 percent still don’t make it past the fifth year. By the tenth year, only 33 percent remain. One of the biggest issues is finances, namely capital funding and […]

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Unmanaged Exposure to Technology Is Bad for Kids

Left to their own devices,children of any age can become addicted to the screen and media. If left unmanaged, this significantly affects your kid’s development. Exposure in itself is fine, but the control and the time they spend in front of any screen are the issues that need to be addressed and managed. Being a […]