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The Step Companies Can Take to Reduce Data Breaches

The Internet holds a massive amount of data. According to Science Focus, it could be around 1,200 petabytes. That is equivalent to more than one million terabytes. This number, though, is just among the top four largest IT companies in the world. In reality, no one can quantify the information available in cyberspace. For the […]

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App: Questions to Consider

Mobile is fast becoming the future of the web, writes Vik Patel on Forbes Magazine. In a study by digital media agency We are Social, 88 per cent of Australia’s population are active internet users. From this number, 96 per cent utilise their mobile phones to access websites, social media and apps. Your business needs […]

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Learning the Art of Video Direction

A large chunk of video marketing depends on aesthetics. After all, no one wants to watch a video with unsightly sets and elements. This is why you must have an art director who will work on your project. Art directors are always concerned with beauty. They will be directly working or collaborating with your producer, […]

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Online Dating Apps and Finding the One with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps industries such as manufacturing for many years now. In online dating, however, artificial intelligence can really prove to be beneficial. In a way, it presents a solution for those who are new to it. How does an online dating app with artificial intelligence work? Alternative to Swiping Previous dating apps have used […]

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NASA’s U.S. Moon Base Among Projects Under a $21.5B Budget

The fiscal year 2019 would be another important year for NASA, following a proposal that would provide the space agency with more than $21.5 billion in funding for its exploration projects, including a U.S. Moon Base. NASA may receive a large budget for its work, but private groups and institutions can also do the same […]

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Getting the Essentials for Your Home Office

From virtually eliminating your daily commute to having the freedom to create your own schedule, working from home offers many advantages. Nevertheless, having this kind of flexibility can be a double-edged sword since being close to your bed or the fridge may be hindering your ability to work efficiently. As the go-to company for home […]

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Digital Advancements That Can Help Grow Your Business

The advancement in technology has made service and information accessible to many in almost every part of the world. And the same has opened opportunities for businesses to reach their audience and cater to their needs. Here are a few things that will let you maximize the benefits of digital advancement for your customers and […]

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Prepare Your E-Commerce Business for the New Year

Every year, the world changes, and the e-commerce world changes with it. With the coming new year, you can stay ahead of these changes to keep yourself and your New Jersey company from falling behind. You, along with a web design company like, can plan for and adopt upcoming 2018 trends that will keep […]

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Impact of Technology in the Medical Sector

Without technology, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. Without technology, you wouldn’t be able to study on-the-go on your laptop or listen to music as you work on your office desktop. Now, imagine the human race not having been able to make leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancements throughout the centuries […]