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The Great Divide: Does Technology Provide More Harm Than Good?

Technology is both a blessing and a curse to mankind. It allows us to do a wide variety of things in relation to both our personal and professional lives. Technology knows no bounds in terms of the industries it assists and activities it improves.

While not flawless, technology has become a constant in our daily lives—from the moment we open our eyes and kill our alarms to setting them on our phones before we go to bed.

Below we highlight some of the good and bad things that come from technology.

The Good

As previously mentioned, technology has many applications. Companies manufacture and program these technologies according to a particular need.

  • In Medicine – Technology saves millions of lives every single day throughout the world. Without assistance from technology, those in the medical field would have problems doing their jobs effectively and efficiently. Having a specific technology in the equation allows them to maximize their time and focus on what really matters: patient care.
  • In Retail Businesses and Stores – Technology wears multiple hats in retail businesses. From point-of-sales to inventory to records-keeping, technology is always necessary for accuracy. Not to mention the hours it saves the business in terms of making sure every penny and stock is accounted for. We’re not even diving into the computers yet.
  • In IT-heavy Businesses – Particularly for Contact Centers, imagine not having computers and VOIPs that allow customers to just call a support number and seek help for their questions and product problems. Big companies that need to support their customers worldwide wouldn’t be able to do so unless via letters. Now, that’s crazy.
  • In Education – There are many schools nowadays that require children to have iPads or tablets for their school activities and homework. This allows a central device for a parent to track their kids’ progress at school and also be able to help them better. Instead of having children lug around heavy books that could hinder or affect their physical growth, they only have to carry their devices around.
  • In the Film Industry – Technology has significantly reduced the negative effects of pyrotechnics and explosives to the environment. With CGI and special effects that can be done via computers, the need to literally blow things up for film has gone down.

The Bad

  • Terrorism and Extremist Agendas – Technology, as we said, is a double-edged sword. Used for the good it positively affects the lives of many. Used for evil, well, it endangers millions more. Many terrorist organizations worldwide use technology to spread hate and instill fear in the hearts of many. If they don’t use technology in the IUDs they set off in strategic places, they take to the Internet.

    Many search engines do their best to help fight terrorism and the use of the Internet as a tool to spread it, but of course, it is an ongoing battle. Google themselves actively comes up with ways to cut terrorists off from using the Internet for such goals.

  • Family Time – If left uncontrolled or unmanaged, the iPhone or tablet you gave your kid for Christmas can become a wall that separates them from you. Instead of talking to you, they may take to the internet to express themselves instead. While this isn’t bad, it could be if they think they can’t approach you.

    Should your child exhibit more interest talking to their friends on their devices versus spending time with you and the rest of the family, you may want to impose times at home when they have to put it away.

    It is also a good idea to enable some restrictions on their phones, to be sure they’re not gaining access to certain places in the web that may expose them to things they’re not supposed to gain access to at their age.

  • Copyright Infringement – Don’t want to watch the new Marvel movie that just came out at the cinema? Download it online. Missed the Game of Thrones season 7 finale? Stream it online. Don’t want to buy that new album by your favorite artist? Download it from torrents.

    Many things nowadays are made available in the various torrent clients present online. While agencies try their best to stop these, they’re still there, because they pop up from one place to another when they get shut down. Due to this, many businesses are losing money. This seems to be something other individuals don’t understand or have desensitized themselves against understanding.

Anything has its pros and cons, even technology. Be someone who uses it for the good it was intended to be.

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