Learning the Art of Video Direction

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Learning the Art of Video Direction

A large chunk of video marketing depends on aesthetics. After all, no one wants to watch a video with unsightly sets and elements. This is why you must have an art director who will work on your project. Art directors are always concerned with beauty. They will be directly working or collaborating with your producer, director, and even editor. The entire aesthetics direction will be in your art director’s hands.

As such, any art director knows the basics of working on a video, whether it is a film or an event video production in Denver. Here’s how you can have a good head start:

Check the Set

The set and arrangement of all the visual elements in the material will be some of the major concerns of the art director. Your art director should have an eye on the things and items that will help tell a story and emphasize the theme or message of the video. In this regard, your art director will be working with the production designer.

Work with the Lighting

The lighting of the set will have a direct effect on the mood and tone of the material. Lighting is crucial, especially if you are working inside a studio. It is essential that your art director knows how to make the light work. In this aspect, he or she will be working with the director of photography.

Mind the Post-production

The job of art directors does not end at the set. They will still be in charge of judging the quality of editing and storytelling. The art director, in the context of advertising and film, may also be involved in the color grading.

The job of an art director is to ensure that things are looking good. Thus, it pays to work with one who has a sharp eye.

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