Marketing Automation Strategies That Will Increase...

Marketing Automation Strategies That Will Increase Your Conversions

Person working on laptopMarketing is the life force of any profitable business. Business competition as it currently stands has reached cutthroat levels. Marketing departments must, therefore, strive to get ways to ensure their clients see their brands more frequently.

Marketing automation strategies are essential to ensure all qualified leads finish their purchase process. There are several strategies your digital marketing agency services company might recommend depending on your business. Here are some of the useful marketing automation strategies that will profit your company.

Inbound Marketing Automation

This strategy involves the use of tools which support inbound marketing activities like content management. It is ideally suited for marketing teams which rely significantly on blogging. An example of utilization of this strategy is the use of email drip campaigns. These are a sequence of pre-written emails sent to clients to inform them of new content on your site.

Lead Generation and Nurturing Automation

This strategy involves the use of a tool which automates the sequence of obtaining and qualifying leads. It recognizes and contacts leads who are most likely to make a purchase. Prioritization is crucial for the efficiency of this tool. You will first decide on what to deem a qualified lead and send these leads automated emails or sales notifications. People who visit your page twice, for instance, might be qualified leads.

Pricing Automation

This is an automation strategy companies use in charging the maximum possible price a customer is willing to pay. It is commonly used but not limited to airlines and hotels. A pricing automation tool detects shopping carts that have been abandoned because of price and immediately triggers emails and notifications with news on a price drop.

Advertising automation tools can increase your conversions significantly. These tools trigger a series of relevant adverts across all your advertising platforms for segmented leads. Marketing automation strategies can help boost your conversions by up to 70% at 30% lower marketing costs.

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