NASA’s U.S. Moon Base Among Projects Under a $21...

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NASA’s U.S. Moon Base Among Projects Under a $21.5B Budget

The fiscal year 2019 would be another important year for NASA, following a proposal that would provide the space agency with more than $21.5 billion in funding for its exploration projects, including a U.S. Moon Base.

NASA may receive a large budget for its work, but private groups and institutions can also do the same even with a smaller budget. This is due to the emergence of providers of GPS or inertial navigation system (INS) simulation products.

Lunar Headquarters

The massive funding would be important for NASA to develop the $504 million Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway in 2020 at the earliest. It would also mark the agency’s renewed interest in lunar projects, and set the ground for further exploration projects in the solar system.

An interesting feature of the lunar platform involves habitation capabilities, which would allow a space crew to live and work inside the facility between 30 and 60 days at a time. NASA plans to work on these capabilities in 2023.

Future Projects

The lunar gateway is just one of many future projects that are highlighted on NASA’s budget proposal. By 2022, the agency said that it needs at least $565 million to launch the spacecraft. However, it expects to receive more than this amount or else it would affect funding for other projects in its portfolio.

These projects include $1.35 billion for the Orion program and $2.15 billion for the Space Launch System. Overall, NASA would likely receive a budget increase of $810 million for its projects next year compared to what it received for the fiscal year 2018.

NASA may be the leading agency for space exploration work, but commercial companies can also jumpstart their own projects by starting with satellite prototypes and simulation devices. The small satellite segment can be a good market for a start.

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