NFC Technology is Quickly Transforming the Retail ...

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NFC Technology is Quickly Transforming the Retail Industry

Retail is changing because of emerging technologies. While specialists will carry on debating over whether the traditional practice is actually in crisis, it is obvious that the industry has entered a period of transformation.

For savvy retailers and brands of all types, this disruption opens new opportunities to improve customer experience and blend in-store with online retail. As a frontrunner in this retail revolution, NFC Direct urges decision makers to educate themselves on the challenges and benefits of newly available digital tools.

Mobile Technology Influences the Path to Purchase

Surveys show that 90% of consumers use their smartphones while in-store and two of every three Millennials attribute brand loyalty to online content. For this reason, retail stakeholders must take advantage of both physical and digital opportunities and embrace mobile technology as a fundamental part of the purchasing process.

Connecting with Consumers in the Store via NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is quickly gaining ground in retail. It combines contactless smart card technology with the convenience of today’s smartphones, providing consumers with a better shopping experience. With a scan, promotional and other useful information can be downloaded into customers’ mobile phones. You can include anything, from coupon codes to a recommendation of similar products.

Customers can also make payments with NFC technology. They can simply scan the tag with their phone at the checkout and be on their way. This prevents long, stressful lines that sour their time at your store. Furthermore, NFC tags increase social media engagement and help your brand to reach more audience. With popular apps like Facebook and Twitter, you can send invites to follow your company page when they enter your premise.

As retail evolves, expect to see in-store NFC tags — on packages, products, and shelf displays — that entertain, educate, and motivate shoppers to consider and ultimately make a purchase. NFC will help integrate offers, loyalty, and secure payments fast to elevate user experience.

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