Online Dating Apps and Finding the One with Artifi...

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Online Dating Apps and Finding the One with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps industries such as manufacturing for many years now. In online dating, however, artificial intelligence can really prove to be beneficial. In a way, it presents a solution for those who are new to it. How does an online dating app with artificial intelligence work?

Alternative to Swiping

Previous dating apps have used swiping as a technique for finding potential matches. If you both swipe each other, then it becomes a possible match. Current dating apps let you research, swipe, and scroll.

You come across hundreds of profiles. Sometimes this can be daunting. However, with the AI technology, the SIRI like app just let you know that someone is a match with you immediately. Like a real assistant, they can even suggest tickets for bands you and your match enjoy.

Virtual Reality

This new technology may even allow augmented reality to enter into the dating world. More than just simply dating, these apps can allow for many friendships and group dates to take place as well.

Culture can be a consideration too. Some countries value family introductions, and these differences are important factors with new dating apps.

Avoiding Fake Profiles

Previous dating apps are full of people who really just do it for kicks or laugh. With the online dating app with artificial intelligence, these fake profiles are weeded out. Even other social media profiles of the person are also a consideration to ensure that all profiles are real.

Personal Matchmaker

This dating app becomes your personal matchmaker because it can check your interests, hobbies, work and match them with people of the same interests. It lessens the hassle of searching for such people yourself. Connections may start using the app, but real life experiences are also organized.

In the end, you just have to be open to new technology. You never know, you can find new friends, or you can find the one.

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