Prepare Your E-Commerce Business for the New Year

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Prepare Your E-Commerce Business for the New Year

Every year, the world changes, and the e-commerce world changes with it. With the coming new year, you can stay ahead of these changes to keep yourself and your New Jersey company from falling behind.

You, along with a web design company like, can plan for and adopt upcoming 2018 trends that will keep your business on top of the NJ market and beyond.

Mobile Optimization

For one, if you still lack mobile optimization, now will be a great time to adopt it. E-commerce news source, Internet Retailer, reported in 2016 that mobile shopping takes up a third of all e-commerce. You can cater to this rising demographic by, for example, making your web pages load quickly. You can do this by limiting how many elements need to be loaded on one page.

Payment Optimization

Speaking of mobile optimization, you have to specifically smoothen out the payment process as well. The easier your customers can shop and pay for products, particularly via mobile, the more incentive they have to shop at your business again. You can use mobile-optimized payment gateways such as Paypal, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay for smoother mobile transactions.

Social Proofing

Aside from a mobile-optimized website and payment system, you can attract more customers to your website and business through social proofing. Social proofing refers to the use of positive online experiences, such as reviews, ratings, testimonials, and social shares, to attract online customers to your products. You can then post testimonials on your website, share positive product comments through social media, or allow customers to review your products online.

Other trends that you can plan for and adopt as early as now include hamburger menus at the left side of a website, bright website colors, and even voice search. Voice search, in particular, will grow more common as tech giants continue to improve voice-controlled devices. All these trends can help you become more prepared for the coming new year. Your business may just emerge as a top e-commerce site in 2018.

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