Privacy Policy

We strive to be transparent in every possible way, which is why you and the rest of our readers have the right to know that any information, be it from you or regarding you, will be guaranteed with security and privacy. Your safety, as much as the support you’re showing, is held in high value to us. We guarantee zero usage of those information, unless given with your clear permission.

Our data collection policy dictates our need to analyze traffic on this website so we could improve user experience, which is enabled by our cookie policy. We understand why you have to think twice about data collection, that is why you have the express choice to disable cookies every time you get to visit our site.

The security department of is hands-on in keeping personal information and our collected data safe, private, and protected from prying internet eyes and other potential online threats that may compromise you.

Trade and selling information we’ve collected is beneath us. As much as we would want traffic coming in to our site, we hold that the fresh content and authenticity delivered to you lean towards your satisfaction and the deepening of your trust in us. Our privacy policy ensures that this trust you’ve placed in us is set in high regard—something we do not wish to break anytime soon.

In the spirit of transparency, you will be notified of any changes indicated here in our privacy policy.