Sales-Oriented Websites: What are the Growth Phase...

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Sales-Oriented Websites: What are the Growth Phases?

A well-planned website can be your best salesperson and marketing asset. Website designing has been around for ages, but most businesses don’t lay particular emphasis on it. Without a growth-driven web design, however, the site will not do much to improve your profits.

For Worcester businesses, growth-driven web design is the latest and smartest approach, notes expert from New Perspective. Unlike traditional web design, it delivers maximum performance through continuous improvement using data collected after its launch. Here are the three phases of growth-driven website design.

Research and Strategy

This initial phase of growth-driven web design involves defining what you aim to achieve and your target market’s personas. You will also carry out quantitative research using analytics and a current website to find out how clients will find and interact with your site and the reasons for your site’s bounce rate. This research will form the basis of things to improve on your new website.

Launch Pad Site

This stage involves the implementation of your strategies into building your web design framework. Creating a launch pad site includes web programming, designing and development, the creation of web architecture, and carrying out user experience testing. After all of these are in position, your launch pad site goes live and starts data collection for the next phase of growth-driven web design.

Continuous Improvement

This phase centers on site improvement and interactive development. The data generated from your experiments will assist you to adjust your content accordingly and optimize your user’s experience. This results in a high-performing site and webpage. Continuous improvement generally takes 11 months.

These stages make a growth-driven web design look stressful and expensive. With a HubSpot gold certified company, however, the designing is inexpensive and stress-free for you. You also get to choose how you work with the company. You can schedule monthly, weekly or quarterly meetings to assess your website’s performance depending on your schedule.

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