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The Contribution of Satellite Communication Developments to IoT

The digitisation of industry systems can make you believe that there’s an interconnection of devices across different regions of the globe. However, that’s not the case. Some areas are either physically distant or sparsely populated and hence not realistic to make such physical connections. Regions such as these, therefore, depend on stable satellite connectivity for communication.

With the current wave of the Internet of Things (IoT), satellite service providers remain central to helping businesses embrace and capitalise on these and other technological deployments. A closer look at how satellite technology is contributing to the IoT movement reveals that it facilitates the following:

Retail Services and Mobile Banking

Satellite enables communications between mobile point-of-sale systems and wireless ATMs that are spread out in different geographical locations.

Faster Service Delivery

The future of IoT includes speedier data exchange between connected devices to speed up business processes. There is, therefore, the need to meet high speeds to enable the use of these applications. Ultimately, users will need to acquire satellite equipment capable of delivering extremely high broadband speeds.

The Connection of Remote Assets

Some businesses have operations in geographically spaced regions including remote locations. Nevertheless, there is a need to maintain communication with these regions irrespective of the geographical distance. Satellites enable asset management in real time and monitoring of these far-distant sites.

Transformation of Transport Infrastructure

Maritime vessels, trains and cargo vehicles are global transport systems that require broadband connectivity. Here, satellite technology enables connectivity-on-the-move, thus better on-the-go communication services.


Reliability in service delivery is a critical element for every IoT deployment. Carrier integrators need to get reliable satellite services for undisrupted connectivity.

Cost Effective

Deploying terrestrial networks in remote places is costly. Satellite services, however, are widespread and offer an affordable communications channel over other platforms.

Satellite communication is playing a significant role in the use of IoT in regions that have connectivity issues. The integration of carrier integrators with reliable satellite service providers will determine how these regions will keep enjoying continuous connectivity that will shape the use of IoT all over the world.

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