What Makes an Effective Explainer Video?

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What Makes an Effective Explainer Video?

Explainer videos make for great content that engages your target market. Research from Hubspot reveals that 56 percent of people prefer videos. And explainer videos make for great content that engages your target market, allowing you to better introduce your products and services.

The success of an explainer video relies on the quality of the production; it doesn’t need to be an extravagant affair, but it does need to be consistent. Denver video production company, One Floor Up, shares that consistency is vital when you’re communicating to your audience, whether it’s 100 or a million.

But it all starts at the planning stage. Get this phase right, and you could have an easier production.

Start with Research

Know your audience first. Understanding your target audience helps you determine what to cover in your video. You can focus on how your products or services can address their needs. Once you pinpoint those concerns, you can better craft your explainer video to present your product or service as the best solution. Gaining an understanding of your target audience will inform the content, style, and angle of your explainer video.

Choose Your Research Method

You can research in many ways. You can contract a research company to do it for you. You can also use digital tools and systems. Should you choose digital tools, you have a wide array of choices before you.

You can use social media listening tools that display the behavior, trends, and sentiments of your target audience on the platform. Alternately, you can use questionnaires that your current clients can answer. You can also use Google Analytics, which segments your audience by age, gender, and other demographic terms.

Outline the Critical Points

Now, with the data you gather from market research, you have to outline who your target market is, why your audience needs your service or product, and how your offering works. From here, you can create an outline that could form your video.

As long as you take your time to plan things out and you conduct thorough market research, your explainer video will come out great, and it will create big results.

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